Sazani Beach
North coast's best kept secret

Nungwi & The North

Oranges (Chungwa in Swahili) been sold in Nungwi Village

Nungwi lighthouse sunset.

Nungwi & the North

Situated in the most Northern tip of Unguja (Zanzibar), Nungwi started out as a small fishing village and is now one of the liveliest and more touristic districts in Zanzibar.  Our vibrant and varied community and landscapes offers something for everyone. In Nungwi and throughout the rest of Zanzibar's North coast, you’ll find semi aquatic caves, islets small beach bars and and restaurants, galleries, markets, craft fairs,  maker spaces, and many other spots that are off the beaten path. Whether it's your first time in Zanzibar or your 100th, we recommend exploring the village, and the North West coast in particular during sunset, where places like Nungwi village and Kendwa come alive. .

Fukuchani, a small rural  village in Zanzibar's North coast. home to Fukuchani ruins, Fukuchani caves and incredible sunsets. 

Sunset from Kendwa Beach

Local Zanzibar street food.

Local Zanzibar street food.

 dining Out

Zanzibar's North coast has range of restaurants, bars and food stalls, from islanders take on classic bar meals, we recommend Gerry's bar, Mama Mia is a hit for those, wanting fresh gelato ice cream, and La Fontana restaurant in Kendwa, who offer quality Swahili fusion food and quality at affordable rates. Throughout Nungwi and Kendwa there are a wide range of restaurants and cafes all within close proximity, Stone town is the best location for try authentic Zanzibari cuisine.


Watersports & Ocean Activities

Our beautiful island and azure seas, are the perfect place to indulge in some ocean activities, learn to kitesurfing the lagoons, with or spend the day out on the boat snorkelling or diving the abundant and vibrant reefs, revel in some game fishing, or wake boarding to name just a few Watersports, available through our partners Zanzibar Watersports.


Beach bars

The North's nightlife is non stop. You can watch the latest game while you enjoy a cocktail or cold beer, or bottle of wine. Gerry's bar offers an ambient vibe, quality service, and friendly staff, with live music on certain nights and beachfront, Gerry's is a favourite of locals and tourists alike, Kendwa Rocks offers something for everyone with shisha, a pool table and live sports on their numerous TVs.




Music Venues

Whether you’re looking for an intimate live music session, dance hall experience, or beach party, North coast has it all. Some of the most fun and innovative bands, artists, and musicians flock to our district for its creative energy and diverse music scene, especially for the monthly Full moon parties held in Kendwa Rocks. For those who enjoy entertainment theres no shortage and for those who love going out, there's currently a party every night apart from Monday. Gerry's Bar, Chollos `bar, Kendwa Rocks and Cocobello are a few music spots, the North coast has to offer.